Minimally invasive aortic valve replacement: a comparison of results with the traditional technique

OBJECTIVE: Minimally invasive cardiac surgeries are approaches used to reduce trauma, to give better cosmetic results and to reduce hospital costs with the same safety than conventional surgery. This study was designed to compare the operative results from patients who underwent minimally invasive aortic valve replacement with those who were submitted to the standard procedure. METHOD: The operative and immediate post-operative results of 12 consecutive patients who received minimally invasive isolated aortic valve replacements from June 2002 to February 2003 were compared to 12 patients who underwent to traditional approach in the same institution. The minimally invasive access used was superior median hemisternotomy and cardiopulmonary bypass was established through ascendant aorta and right atrium cannulation, similar to the traditional technique. RESULTS: The patient's demographics were similar in both groups. There were no significant differences between aortic clamping time, total bypass time and operating time. The skin incision length was statiscally shorter in minimally invasive group. In the postoperative course, the mechanical ventilation time and the total hospital stay were shorter, but not statiscally significant, in the minimally invasive group. The morbidity was the same in two groups. CONCLUSIONS: This surgical approach provides adequate exposure of the cardiac structures necessary to perform a safe valve replacement. With the same instrumental used in the traditional surgery we can offer the benefits of a less invasive access with the same efficiency as in the conventional approach without add any risks to our patients.

Aortic valve; Heart valve prosthesis implantation; Heart valve diseases; Thoracotomy; Surgical procedures, minimally invasive surgery

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