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Radial artery harvesting technique without hemostatic clips and clinical experience

OBJECTIVE: The various techniques of radial artery (RA) harvesting produce similar results. These techniques use electrocautery, ultrasonic scalpel, or sharp scissors in different combinations, but usually associated with the use of hemostatic clips. We describe a RA harvesting technique with the combination of sharp scissors and electrocautery without the use of hemostatic clips. METHODS: We describe a retrospective study of 107 patients ranging from 28 and 78 years of age (mean ± SD; 53.3 ± 8 yrs). Bleeding, re-operation, infarct, and death were analyzed. RESULTS: No bleeding was imputable to the RA and no re-operations were required. There were three (2.8%) infarcts possibly related to the RA anastomosis territory. Mortality was 0.9%, but unrelated to cardiac complications. CONCLUSION: RA electrocautery harvesting without hemostatic clips presented no bleeding and was an inexpensive procedure, requiring no investments in additional equipment.

Radial artery; Myocardial revascularization; Myocardial ischemia; Coronary disease

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