Reflexions about formulation of politics for attention to cardiovascular pediatrics in Brazil

The authors discuss the different moments of the National Policy of High-complexity Cardiovascular Care, focusing on the attention to Cardiovascular Pediatrics. This process begun with the attempt to meet the local needs, but, very soon, became a national matter due to the verification of a significant shortage in the attention given to patients with congenital cardiovascular diseases. In 2002 the shortage of procedures in these cases was around 65%. The participation of different agents from the civil society and the Government will be demonstrated regarding the formulation of the politics directed to the attention to cardiovascular pediatrics. Some authors are cited during the discussion to base each moment of the process. The National Policy of High-complexity Cardiovascular Care was regulated on June 15th, 2004, through the Ministerial Directive Nº1169/GM as well as the Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery, on the same date, through the Ministerial Directive Nº 210 SAS/MS. The importance of the civil society participation in the elaboration of the public social politics is emphasized. The intervention of agents who experience the day-to-day difficulties is of the utmost importance to the better knowledge of questions involving the social area

Child; Adolescent; Public policies; Cardiac surgical procedures; Heart defects, congenital

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