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Tactic determinants of game practiced by middle attacker in men’s volleyball

Determinantes táticas do jogo praticado pelo atacante central no voleibol masculino

Gustavo De Conti Teixeira Costa Juliana Sampaio Ceccato Breno Ferreira de Britto Evangelista Auro Barreiros Freire Alexandre Silva de Oliveira Michel Milistetd Heitor de Andrade Rodrigues Herbert Ugrinowitsch About the authors


Among volleyball skills, spike is responsible for the highest number of scores, and the first tempo of attack is related to the higher incidence of score a point, by hindering the defensive opponent’s action. However, most of the studies show general results and do not specify the conditions and constraints of each attack zone. Thus, the aim of this study was analyzing the offensive game (complex I) performed by the middle attacker at the 2014/2015 National men’s Brazilian Championship (Superliga). The sample was composed by 142 games of 12 teams, totaling 5350 receptions, setting and spikes actions. The results showed that the middle spikes occurred mostly after receptions A and B, being the most frequent attack scoring point as well as the most powerful one. Moreover, the relationship between the reception effect and setting effect was observed, showing that the best receptions influenced the setting type and the attack effect. Therefore, the middle attack had effective effect in the winning score, since it decreased the chances of opponent’s defense, due to the reduced time to defensive organization. Finally, the situational constraints delimited the middle attacker actions. Based on the above, we suggest that future studies should restrict the analysis conditions and situational constraints of each specific game situation.

Key words
Analysis of Situation; Efficacy; Volleyball

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