Comparison study of resistance exercise nomenclature adopted among professionals and undergraduate physical education students

Estudo de comparação da nomenclatura dos exercícios resistidos entre profissionais e discentes de educação física

Leonardo Mendes Leal de Souza Gabriel Andrade Paz Viviane Schultz Straatmann Humberto Miranda About the authors


In the past few years, increased popularity of resistance training (RT) and a significant increase in the number of professionals and undergraduate in Physical Education students have been observed. A variety of names has been usually adopted for the same resistance exercise in fields. The aim of the study was to compare the resistance exercise nomenclature adopted by physical education professionals and students, and also to identify the frequencies of names adopted for these resistance exercises. The study included 191 graduate students and active physical education professionals of RT centers and gyms in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Ten exercises traditionally performed on RT programs were selected. The results indicated that there was no association between the nomenclature of exercises and academic degree for all exercises included in the survey. However, there was significant difference (p <0.001) among response frequencies for each exercise, for the whole sample. In this sense, this study enabled identifying significant differences in the nomenclature of resistance exercises. Therefore, nomenclature standardization is essential to establish a direction and clearness in communication among professionals.

Key words
Exercise; Physical activity; PE; Strength training

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