Prevalence and concordance in the prediction of excess body weight by two anthropometric criteria in adolescents of western Brazilian Amazon

Prevalência e concordância na predição de excesso de peso corporal por dois critérios antropométricos em adolescentes da Amazônia ocidental brasileira

Edson dos Santos Farias Ivanice Fernandes Barcellos Gemelli Orivaldo Florêncio Souza Wagner de Jesus Pinto Josivana Pontes dos Santos Edio Luiz Petroski Gil Guerra-Júnior About the authors


The aim of this study was to identify the prevalence and concordance of excess weight (BMI) and body fat (fat %) in adolescents of both sexes from cities of Rio Branco-AC and Porto Velho-RO. This study evaluated 4,310 adolescents, 2,167 from Rio Branco and 2,143 from Porto Velho. No difference (p=0.46) for excess weight between adolescents from Rio Branco (34.8%) and Porto Velho (33.8%) was observed. Fat percentage was significantly higher (p<0.01) in adolescents from Porto Velho (59.8%) compared to those from Rio Branco (44.3%). In intra-pubertal and pubertal stages, moderate concordance was identified (p<0.01) and in pre-pubertal stage, substantial concordance was observed (p<0.01). Thus, the findings of this study point out the adequacy of screening and diagnosis of obesity and overweight, which will enable earlier approach and treatment of adolescents.

Key words
Adolescents; Body fat; Body mass index; Overweight

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