Análise da venta de entradas de um mega evento deportivo: o caso do Mundial de Natación

Francesc Solanellas Donato Joshua Muñoz Vázquez Sobre os autores


This article shows a photograph of the result of the ticket sales process for the Swimming World Cup, as well as an analysis of consumer behavior throughout this process. 46,181 transactions were descriptively analyzed for the variables of price, attendance, capacity, sports discipline, competition schedule, moment, and purchase channel. In addition, a polynomial regression model was developed that explained 48.51% of the variability of tickets sold. Thanks to the implementation of a dynamic pricing policy, attendance of 66.8% was achieved with 53.1% of anticipated sales. On average, it was bought 4.22 tickets in each transaction, and higher attendance was associated with higher revenue volume. The results can be considered to apply measures in the planning of the competition itself, as well as for the orientation of commercial strategies.

Ticketing; Sporting events; Sport marketing; Consumer behavior

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