Strategies for the participation of women in adventure sports

Gisele Maria Schwartz Leonardo Madeira Pereira Juliana de Paula Figueiredo Danielle Ferreira Auriemo Christofoletti Viviane Kawano Dias About the authors


The presence of women in adventure sports is not a constant, due to socially entrenched prejudice. However, it can be already noticed women's initiatives to overcome these obstacles. The interest of this qualitative study was to investigate the reasons for adherence and strategies used for insertion and dissemination of female participation in adventure sports. The results indicated that the main reasons for adherence were the empathy with these sports and the contact with nature, the strategies for inclusion are related to the influence of family, friends and boyfriend, and new technologies are used for disseminating the achievements. Further studies are suggested to understanding the ways of overcoming difficulties faced by women for participating in these sports.

Prejudice; Feminism; Sport; Leisure activities

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