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Pedagogical subversions and production of alliances in Physical Education classes


In this work, it was tried to understand the pedagogical strategies used to challenge the stability of gender and sexuality in physical education classes, through the teaching of dance, in Brazilian federal universities. For that, it was used a narrative research with homosexual teachers and autoethnographic incursions to interpret pedagogical actions that cross identities and subversive proliferations in dance; the body as central to challenging gender and sexuality; and, the use of public pedagogies to discuss gender and sexuality. Based on Judith Butler's idea of alliance, it was highlighted the ways in which heteronormativity is questioned in physical education classes and expand processes of social recognition.

Heteronormativity; Gender; Sexuality; Dance

Colégio Brasileiro de Ciências do Esporte Universidade de Brasilia - Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro, Faculdade de Educação Física, Asa Norte - CEP 70910-970 - Brasilia, DF - Brasil, Telefone: +55 (61) 3107-2542 - Brasília - DF - Brazil