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Journalistic coverage of the 2019 cups on evidence of the mediatization of women's football


We aim to analyze the news coverage of Grupo Globo on the Brazilian teams in the Women's World Cup and the Men's Soccer America's Cup, both 2019 editions. We develop an analysis of media products, with a quantitative-qualitative approach to the data. As an analytical tool we use the theory of framing, based on the analytical model of the 5 E's of sport. We also analyze the volume of news production, the authorship of them, the sex of the authors, the sources of the interviews and the sex of these sources. The results reinforce the idea that the process of mediatization of women's football is restricting its entertainment and, therefore, this has not added value to the point of becoming news.

Soccer; Mass media; Gender analysis

Colégio Brasileiro de Ciências do Esporte Universidade de Brasilia - Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro, Faculdade de Educação Física, Asa Norte - CEP 70910-970 - Brasilia, DF - Brasil, Telefone: +55 (61) 3107-2542 - Brasília - DF - Brazil