Barriers that influence the non-adoption of physical activity practice by oldest old people

Marize Amorim Lopes Rodrigo de Rosso Krug Albertina Bonetti Giovana Zarpellon Mazo About the authors


The aim of the study was to identify the barriers that influence oldest old people not to adopt the practice of physical activity. This descriptive exploratory research involved 69 older women from social groups of Florianópolis/SC, which were distributed in five focus groups active (n = 39) and five inactive (n = 30) focus groups. The results point to reasons such as being widowed, environmental influences, family role, physical limitations due to illness and the way of being of the elderly. The oldest old active enduring stress that the negative aging fosters the realization of few activities. Thus, it is observed that efforts occur to be implemented exercise programs for older enduring community centers for the elderly in Florianópolis/SC, both in groups and in their homes, to promote a more active lifestyle.

Barriers; Motor activity; Human aging; Elderly with 80 years or older

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