The performance of the São Sebastião revelry in the Quilombola Magalhães Community

Reigler Siqueira Pedroza Rosirene Campêlo dos Santos Dulce Maria Filgueira de Almeida About the authors


This research analyzed the symbolic aspects of the Folia de São Sebastião ritual of the Quilombola Magalhães Community. It used an ethnographic perspective to interpret the performances of revelers, understood as effective and symbolically prestigious body techniques that are anchored in the traditions of the social group. The revelry is a ritual characterized by the gift, in which its exchanges / exchanges occur through the symbol in its smallest unit, that is, the flag. In this revelry, the flag is not a mere representation of the saint before men, but he himself. The Folia de São Sebastião is a complex performance within the cultural tradition of this community and represents the power, kinship and affinity relationships of this family group.

Body; Éthnic groups; Revelry; Cultural performance

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