Levels of technical-tactical performance and final classification of Santa Catarina volleyball teams in formation categories

Margareth Porath Juarez Vieira do Nascimento Michel Milistetd Carine Collet Cassiel Casagrande de Oliveira About the authors


The aim of this study was to verify the association between technical and tactical performance and the competitive classification of young athletes in volleyball. Participated 271 athletes finalists in the Santa Catarina state championship 2010. The technical-tactical actions were analyzed by Instrument of Performance Assessment Technical-Tactical (IAD-VB) of Collet et al. (2011). For data analysis was used a multinomial logistic regression with p <0.001. The results revealed that teams performed better technical-tactical obtained the first overall ratings in the league. The level of performance in components decision making and effectiveness is associated too with the championship classification.

Game analysis; Technical and tactical action; Young athlete; Volleyball

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