Cobalt and molybdenum concentrated suspension for soybean seed treatment

Cobalto e molibdênio em suspensão concentrada no tratamento de semente em soja

The concentrated suspension (CS), the basis of Mo trioxide, allows high Mo concentrations and is therefore a technical advance for seed treatment, since it allows the recommendation of the Mo at lower dosage than with the liquid solution formulations (LS). The purpose of this research was to evaluate the efficiency and doses of fertilizer with Mo and Co in concentrated suspension in comparison with liquid solution as well as fertilizers associated with phytohormones, applied in seed treatments, and their effect on soybean yield. Two experiments were carried out in the growing seasons of 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 at the Universidade Federal de Uberlandia (UFU).The first was conducted in an experimental area on the Fazenda Capim Branco, with six treatments and four replications: (1) Mo and Co (CS) - 22 g ha-1 + 1.08 g ha-1; (2) Mo and Co (CS) - 22 g ha-1 + + 1.08 g ha-1 + phytohormone -200 mL ha-1; 3) Mo and Co (LS), 20.7 g ha-1 + 4.13 g ha-1; 4) Mo and Co (LS), 20.7 g ha-1 + 4.13 g ha-1 + phytohormone -200 mL ha-1; (5) + control phytohormone-200 mL ha-1; and (6) control (free of Mo and Co in the seed treatment). The phytohormone consisted of: auxin (11 mg L-1) and cytokynin (0.031 mg L-1). The soybean cultivar Monsoy 8004 was used and a fertilization of 400 kg ha-1 of 02-20-20 NPK fertilizer was applied at sowing. Based on the results of the first experiment, the second was conducted on the Fazenda Floresta do Lobo, in Uberlândia, MG, evaluated in a randomized block design with nine treatments and four replications. The treatments consisted of Mo and Co (g ha-1) doses applied to soybean seeds, as CS formulation (15, 25, 35, 45, 60 and 0.74; 1.23; 1.72; 2.21; 2.95) and LS- (15; 20; 25 and 3.18; 4.25; 5.31), respectively, and the control (free of Mo and Co in the seed treatment). The variety Monarch was used, fertilized with 300 kg ha-1 of NPK fertilizer (03-32-06) at sowing; and 78 kg ha-1 (K2O) in topdressing 30 days after soybean emergence. The Mo and Co doses in the seed treatment with LS and CS resulted in higher soybean yields than in the control, from 20 g ha-1 Mo and 4.25 g ha-1 Co in liquid solution and 35 g ha-1Mo and 1.72 g ha-1 Co in the concentrated suspension.

Glycine max; micronutrients; fertilizer technology; nutrition

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