Data acquisition system for measurement equipment of soil air permeability

The intrinsic permeability or soil air permeability is an important soil property for the identification of changes in soil porous space caused by soil tillage, in estimations of soil properties that are expensive and difficult to be determined in the laboratory, and for the formulation of flux models in cropped and contaminated soils. The purpose of this study was to develop a data acquisition system (electronic module and software) for intrinsic permeability measurement, in laboratory. High precision of the acquisition system was observed in the estimation of this property, with a confidence interval of 9.42 ± 0.085 μm² (significant at the 5 % level), in a standard soil sample consisting of particles with diameter from 0.25 to 0.106 mm of the sand fraction of a medium texture Yellow Red Latosol. The estimate of soil air intrinsic permeability considering the air dynamic viscosity as a function of temperature was significantly greater than the estimate with fixed air dynamic viscosity at approximately 20 ºC. The measurement precision of air permeability in an undisturbed Red Latosol sample was high and similar to that of the standard sample and the estimate of water mass removed from the soil sample (3.27 mg).

pressure transducer; sensors and microcontroller

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