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The imbrication between reason and emotion in deliberative processes: online political discussion on the reduction of the age of criminal responsibility in Brazil


This article aims to investigate the existing relationship between emotion and reason in comments about the reduction of the age of criminal responsibility in two distinct online environments: activist Facebook page and legislative portal. By focusing on the association between justification and emotion - and distinct patterns that emerge from it in interpersonal online discussions - this article contributes to fill a gap in studies on deliberation that, as a rule, understand the argumentative process as free of affections. Our results reveal that the characteristics of the digital environment interfere in the provision of reasons, as expected by the literature. However, the same does not occur in relation to the expression of emotions - suggesting that emotions suffer less variation as a result of international spaces. This article, by comparing online discussion in different platforms, also contributes to advance empirical analysis about the specificities of the digital environment.

deliberation; emotion; online political discussion

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