Essay on adoniran: an anthropological study about saudosa maloca

This article analyzes from two perspectives Adoniran Barbosa's samba "Saudosa maloca": the first version (1951), arranged by Nelson Miranda, and the version arranged by the group Demônios da Garoa (1955), which transformed the samba into a great success. The lyrics of the song describe a dramatic encounter between a homeless and the real state's establishment in the Sao Paulo of the 1950's, a moment characterized by economic overoptimism, the reinvention of paulistanidade, and the commemorations of the IV Centennial of the city of Sao Paulo. The first arrangement is marked by a feeling of sadness and pain, with a musicality alluding to lamentation and resignation. The second, on the contrary, is characterized by certain jocosity and disdain, with a musicality of derision. The study seeks to reconstruct the native models of song comprehension, with special attention to the issues of arrangements and ways of singing and playing.

Adoniran Barbosa; Anthropology of music; Arrangement; Version; Interpretation

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