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Between conventions and discreet daring: Georgina de Albuquerque and the historical feminine painting in Brazil

Ana Paula Cavalcanti Simioni About the author

Based on Georgina de Albuquerque's painting "Session of the Council of State," I intend to discuss the relationship between women painters and the Brazilian Academy of Fine Arts, analysing how, during the 19th century, these women were excluded from the possibility of accessing the highest degrees of recognition within the academic system: historic painting. Coincidentally, the first historic painting by a Brazilian woman dates exactly from the year that marks the decline of the Academy: 1922. If it is analysed based on the genre's prerogatives, Georgina de Albuquerque's work can be considered daring. It is a historic painting and at the same time it is conservative, if its analysis is based on stylistic criteria. Therefore, this work may be interpreted as "discreetly daring" if considered from an aesthetic, institutional, educational or even sexual perspective.

Historical Painting; Woman; Academy; Art

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