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For a sociological reconstruction of the scientific category of ‘globalization’: conceptualization, contextualization and articulation to a broader perspective


departing from the diagnosis that the category ‘globalization’ suffers from scientific and sociological meaning formation problems, given the current state of indifference in relation to common sense and the context of an excessive proliferation of the use of the term ‘globalization’, this article aims to conceptualize debug and contextualize the analytical category and the social phenomena of globalization as well as placing and integrating the globalization analysis in a broader perspective that consider the social phenomena in their processual and long-term dimensions. Being ‘conceptually debugging’ means a well-succeeded process of common sense autonomization. Being ‘contextualized’ means a historical and geographical placement of the analytical categories and the social phenomena itself. Being ‘placed and integrated into a broader theoretical perspective’ means recognize at the same time that social phenomena display a processual and a long duration dimensions, what will be done by the World-System Analysis.

globalization; globalization studies; World-System Analysis

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