Response of watermelon to nitrogen application via fertigation

Aderson S. de Andrade Junior Nildo da S. Dias Luis G. M. Figueiredo Junior Valdenir Q. Ribeiro Deusiane B. Sampaio About the authors

To evaluate the effect of nitrogen application under fertigation on yield and production components of watermelon, a study was carried out in an experimental area of Embrapa Meio-Norte in Parnaíba, in the State of Piauí, Brazil, 02º 54' S, 41º 47' W and 46 m altitude) from September to November. The experimental design was in randomized blocks, with four replications. The treatments were composed of five doses of nitrogen (0, 40, 80, 120 e 160 kg ha-1 of N). Results showed that the quality of watermelon fruits was not significantly affected by nitrogen doses. The marketable fruit yield increased up to a nitrogen dose of 97.61 kg ha-1 of N and corresponded to 60.17 Mg ha-1.

Citrullus lanatus; Crimson Sweet; plant nutrition

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