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On the "convenience" of school

This article aims at showing a new "use" for school that is linked to the logic of the current stage of globalization, in which culture occupies a uniquely important position, interwoven with social life, economic circuits and political regimes. Making use of George Yúdice's theorization about the uses of culture in the global era, three social projects are analyzed - Você Apita, Tim Música nas Escolas and Escola Aberta. These projects are considered expressive of the way in which businesses, public entities and civil society initiatives are articulated with both culture and education in order to make globalized markets move, but not only favouring their own interests, although these remain as top priorities. Evidence exists that the "convenience" of school outweighs the immediate business interest and projects itself as a strategy directed towards a wide range of social-political, economic and culturalpurposes. Among them is the possibility of governing people's lives, forging both world and societal views.

school and globalization; school and culture; government; social projects; bio-politics

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