School inclusion of students with disabilities: a reading from Pierre Bourdieu* * My thanks to professor Lucas Krotsch.



This essay aims to discuss and understand the process of school inclusion of students with disabilities in the public system of education in Brazil, after the 1990s, based on the concepts and theoretical and methodological positions of Bourdieu. As investigative material of the research, it is resorted to the empirical data from field research conducted in a multifunction resource room; the results of research already produced on the subject in Brazil; and, above all, the analogies between the bourdieusianas analysis of the French education system and the situation currently lived in Brazilian schools, with the incorporation of this new clientele. It is argued that the inclusion of students with disabilities in and by the common schools, although presents itself as democratic, proves to be selective, qualifying and stigmatizing, contributing to the reproduction of the established order and to legitimize inequality between school agent, the which is the process of exclusion within the school system.

inclusive school; special education; sociology of the school reproduction

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