Special Education Service: Reflections on the Demand for Students Registered and the Offering of Multifunctional Resources Classrooms in the Municipal Network of Manaus-AM

João Otacílio Libardoni dos SANTOS Maria Almerinda de Souza MATOS Geyse Pattrizzia Teixeira SADIM João Rakson Angelim da SILVA Marta Patricia FAIANCA About the authors


The purpose of this study is to present and discuss data on the offerings of the Multifunctional Resources Classrooms (MRC), as a Special Education Service space, mapped in the Municipal Network in Manaus, in order to understand how these services are being organized in compliance with legal provisions for its implementation. As a quantitative research, of a descriptive nature, it discusses the data referring to MRC. Initially, a bibliographic survey was proposed in federal documents that regulate and characterize the school inclusion policy (Inclusive Education). Next, official data were collected from National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (INEP) and the Municipal Department of Education (SEMED/Manaus) regarding MRC numbers and Special Education students enrolled in common classes and in exclusive classes in Brazil and Manaus (2009-2015). We argue to discuss: 1) the number of Special Education students enrolled in Common Classes of Regular Education by District Zonal Division (DZD); And 2) the number of municipal schools that have MRC, distributed by DZD of urban and rural areas. The results revealed that the number of MRCs implemented in the municipal education network in the last three years (2014 to 2016) has been insufficient to meet the increase in enrollments of the target population of special education in regular education. According to the survey, a deficit of 30 MRC is estimated to meet current demand.

Special Education; Specialized Service; Attendance in Resources Classrooms

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