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Virtual learning object incluir: a resource for teacher education addressing inclusion

Much has been discussed about the challenges and difficulties for inclusion of students with special educational needs, as proposed by the Brazilian educational policy since the 1990s. Scientific literature shows that gaps related to the initial and continuing teacher education are a major obstacle in making inclusion come about. This paper presents a discussion of teacher education for inclusion and postulates two principles as the foundation for this education: the ethics of responsibility and being available to the other. Then, it presents the virtual learning object Incluir (LO Incluir), built with the objective of creating a tool to facilitate the preparation of teachers for education from the inclusion perspective. Divided into four modules (Limits, Diversity, Teaching and Deafness), this LO is intended to overcome the transmission of information, providing for reflection that promotes and mobilizes new practices within interactionist/constructivist assumptions. The reflections developed along the LO are reported and briefly discussed. A quantitative and qualitative analysis is in progress and will signal whether the LO reaches the objective for which it was created.

Special Education; Educational Inclusion; Teacher Education; Educational Technology

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