Citzenship and rights of the football players in Democracia Corinthiana

Mariana Zuaneti MARTINS Heloisa Helena Baldy dos REIS About the authors

This paper is a part of a broader research about Democracia Corinthiana. In this one, we aim to analyse the means and in which way the corinthians' experience built and increased a citizenship conception to its football players. Therefore, it was needed to identify which were the players' claims and achievements by the time of Democracia Corinthiana. For this, it was conducted a semi structured interview with a Corinthians' football player and an historical research in the newspapers of largest circulation in São Paulo, and compared with the theorical debate about citizenship proposed by T.H. Marshall. It was concluded that there were advances in some of the citizenship elements, but it had been hold one conservative aspect, like the transfer fee, that makes the player a commodity, not a citizen.

Democracia Corinthiana; Citizenship; Football players; Sociology of sport

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