School physical education: present state and future directions

The aim of this paper is to characterize and discuss the School Physical Education as a profession and sub-area of research in the broader academic field of Physical Education and educational research. To do that, it initially defines the difference between research in School Physical Education from research about School Physical Education, and point out the themes and research hypotheses for this subarea. It also analyses 289 articles characterized as research in School Physical Education, published in 11 Brazilian periodicals, classifying them in the following categories: "level of schooling", "bodily practice" and "theme". The results indicate that the majority of studies are carried out in elementary school, in "games" and "sports", and in descriptive and interpretative research in School Physical Education practices in several dimensions and interrelations. In conclusion, it points to the need to a focus in the research in teaching, the implementation of public curricula, and teacher education. Finally, it alerts to the need for Brazilian postgraduate programs in the academic field of physical education to invest more in research in School Physical Education subarea.

Physical Education; Profession; Teaching; Scientific Research

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