Influence of fatigue on balance of foot support of football players

The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of fatigue on the balance of the support leg kick in soccer players. 19 soccer players were divided randomly into two groups: group exhauston (GEX), underwent an effort with incremental load at exhaustion on a treadmill, and the control group (GCE) underwent effort with constant lower load. Parameters of static balance in single support (one foot) were evaluated before and after the protocols, using a force platform (AMTI OR6-5). The GEX showed enlargement of the displacement of center of pressure (COP) (p < 0.05) after exhaustion, for the right foot. The maximum displacement of the antero posterior center of pressure of the right leg of the GEX incresead significantly (p < 0.05) after exhaustion in relation to resting values. In conclusion, fatigue can impair the ability to keep balance for the support leg in soccer players. Mainly on support to the foot that is not the usual support for the kick.

Fatigue; Balance; Football

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