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Gender and sexuality at school's recess

Ileana Wenetz Marco Paulo Stigger Dagmar Estermann Meyer About the authors

In this study, from the slopes of Cultural Studies and Gender approaching the post-structuralism of Foucault, we aimed to understand how gender meanings that constitute different ways of being a boy or a girl in the playground area of a public school in Porto Alegre, Brazil are attributed. Through an ethnographic study, which lasted a year, and interviews with children, we focused on a second and a third basic education grades and identified an unofficial and unintended learning that occurs in the games of children, in which they learn ways to be boys and girls. In this context, we realized that there is an occupation of the schoolyard by gender, including occupancy and different ways of negotiation setting a geography of gender. We also observed a construction of sexuality in school, in which homosexuality is circumscribed to the detriment of the norm of heterosexuality.

Ethnography; Childhood; Gender; Sexuality

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