Structural elements of a formal model for invasion team sports

Leonardo Lamas Junior Barrera Guilherme Otranto Carlos Ugrinowitsch About the authors

The development of a formal model integrating the strategy and the match dynamics constitute an original scientific contribution in the context of invasion team sports. The constructive procedure of a team strategy defined by the model is composed of sets of hierarchically organized elements, which support the design of strategies that can adequatelly orient a team in a match. Once defined the strategy model, the formalization of the match dynamics contextualizes the strategy on its application to orient players in the opposition. The match structure was decomposed and its main dynamical properties were defined. Thus, the modeling of the match dynamics complements the strategy model, since the first of them defines the circunstances in which the strategic information is applied by the players. The formal model presented inaugurates a research field which may contribute to limit the subjectivity in the definition of analysis criteria of future research designs, leading to more accurate interpretation and comparisons between results of studies.

Strategy; Tactics; Match; Mathematical modeling; Dynamic systems

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