Community Health in the graduate medical course of the State University of Londrina: initial reflections

João José Batista de Campos Paulo Eduardo Mangeon Elias About the authors

This qualitative study aims analyzing to which extent collective health is approached in the curriculum of the graduate course in medicine of the UE with special attention to the viewpoint of managers, professors and students regarding the teaching-learning process. To this purpose, four managers, four professors and a focal group of students were interviewed. The results revealed an important commitment of the teaching body in this area to the net of health services. However, internship and the teaching strategies in use apart, the subjects making part of this field participate with only 5% in the current curriculum. It was concluded that the professors of the Community Health Department have always held a vanguard position with regard to promoting changes in the medical course of the UEL and that there are strong efforts towards using the reality of the health services in Londrina as an articulating axle in the teaching of collective health so as to educate practitioners with greater awareness of the reality and commitment to the Unified Health System.

Curriculum; Education, Medical; Public Health; Education, Medical, Undergraduate

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