From Adolescence to Maturity: Prospective Study of medical Students from Rio de Janeiro State University

Lêda Maria da Costa-Macedo Stella R. Taquette Fátima de Barros Fonseca Alvarenga About the authors


A prospective study was carried out among medical students from Medical Sciences Faculty, Rio de Janeiro State University, as the aim to know the student expectations and charges all over the course. Information about social-demographic aspects, academic life and professional training was obtained from a questionnaire passed through students in the first term, in 1996, and again in the last term, in 2001. Most Of the students answered the questions, 95% of the freshmen and 74% of the interns. The results showed that most of them are white (90%), women (56%), not married, without kids, and 85,7% of them are dependent on their parents for Money. At about 90% of the interns used to studying mainly from textbooks. Their expectations in relations to the academic course was fulfilled for 85,7% of the freshmen and 56,5% of the last year students (p<0,05). The lack of integration of basic-clinical sciences associated to few practical skills training were pointed out to 92% of the first year students and 93,7% of the sixth-year students in the last school year , at about 44% of them needed professional advice. The results demonstrated the need for implement changes in the medical syllabus as to become the course more pleasant for the students and more suitable to the new charges required by the Ministry of Education.

Education, medical; Students, medical; Professional practices

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