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Qualifications for Medical Preceptors and User Satisfaction Regarding Care Received in their Basic Health Unit (BHU) of Origin

Cristiane Maria Carvalho Lopes Angélica Maria Bicudo Maria de Lurdes Zanolli About the authors



Medical curricula guidelines outline the desired profile for graduate physicians, adapting to the needs of the population by means of an integrated approach to the individual. Healthcare professionals often participate in initiatives integrating teaching and service as preceptors. In 2001, Unicamp Medical School reformulated its curriculum to adopt an extended approach to learning scenarios, taking their students into the environment in which their users reside and working in the aim of promoting health. In 2004, the discipline entitled “Comprehensive Healthcare” was introduced in partnership with the municipality of Campinas (SP), in order that physicians in the field of pediatrics, general practice, and gynecology working in basic healthcare units (BHU) could use four of their scheduled hours to supervise students in the seventh and eighth semesters of medical school completing preceptorships, in a joint initiative with university professors. The objective of this study was to assess the satisfaction of users served in BHUs by physicians acting as preceptors and to determine if the professionals linked the preceptorship to their qualifying as professionals. Of a total of 22 preceptors, 20 submitted to a semi-structured interview, with one of the questions asking if the preceptorship helped conceptualize the service offered to the users in the BHUs in which they were acting as physicians. Users were interviewed by means of a close-ended questionnaire using emoticons to classify the preceptor on factors including quality of medical care, appreciation of the complaint made, duration of the consultation, resolution rate, trust and adherence to orientation, and general perception of the care received. Over 90% of users rated the care positively, with 80% of the physicians interviewed regarding the preceptorship as contributing to their qualifying as professionals.

Medical Education; Unified Health System; Preceptorship

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