Family Health Strategy in Focus: Bioethical Training of Community Health Agents, in Three Acts

Selma Vaz Vidal Andréia Patrícia Gomes Rodrigo Siqueira-Batista About the authors


This paper exposes and discuss the results of the I Training Workshop on Bioethics and the Family Health Strategy, addressed to the Community Health Agents (CHA); a space created with the aim of providing opportunities to learn about and discuss ethical problems in Primary Health Care, thus allowing the incorporation of bioethics in building skills for Family Health Strategy work. The method used was a quantitative-qualitative and descriptive approach. Fifty-three participants – living and working in the City of Niagara Falls – signed the consent form and of these, 43 returned the workshop evaluation questionnaire. For illustrative purposes, the trajectory is presented in three organizational acts: Act 1 – preparation; Act 2 – implementation and Act 3 – outlook. The results and discussion began with profiling of Community Health Agents. The participants answers from the first workshop resulted in three demonstrative charts and one analysis category. The conclusions highlight bioethics as a toolbox capable of providing Community Health Agents with the ethical concepts, theories and methods for the full exercise of care under the Family Health Strategy.

Bioethics; Community Health; Family Health Strategy; Medical Education

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