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Time Trails: presencing digital heritage within our everyday lives

Time Trails: patrimoine numérique en présence dans notre quotidien

Gabriella Giannachi William Barrett Paul Farley Andy Chapman Thomas Cadbury Rick Lawrence Helen Burbage About the authors


The Time Trails project is a collaboration between the Centre for Intermedia at the University of Exeter, Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery, 1010 Media, and Exeter City Football Club Supporters Trust (2013). It is a mobile web app to allow users to follow, annotate and create trails using text, images and videos, and to respond to them via social media. Two trails narrating the history of Exeter City Football Club and its Supporters Trust, used for mobile learning and as part of sport and cultural tourism experiences are presented. We show how Time Trails can be used as a presencing tool to establish new ways of encountering and learning on digital heritage within our daily lives.

Presencing; Digital Heritage; Mixed Reality; Trajectories; Community

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