Return to Paris: Thomas Ostermeier and the performatization of the gay identity

Manoel Silvestre Friques About the author


In his productions, the German director Thomas Ostemeier proposes a sociological approach that seeks to present our contemporary age’s social relations and power structures. What are the obstacles to achieving these goals when the focus rests on the intersection of the axes of oppression through race, class and gender? This essay investigates the contradictions inherent in Ostermeier’s self-declared sociological realism, reflecting on the plays Retour à Reims [Return to Reims] (2019)RETOUR à Reims. Direção: Thomas Ostermeier. Produção: Schaubühne Berlin. Paris: Théâtrede la Ville, 2019. and Histoire de la Violence [History of Violence] (2020)HISTOIRE de la violence. Direção de Thomas Ostermeier. Produção: Schaubühne Berlin.Paris: Théâtre de la Ville, 2020., based on the homonymous literary works by Didier Eribon and Édouard Louis, respectively.

German Theater; Thomas Ostermeier; Queer Studies; Contemporary Theater

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