Enrichment for a student with high abilities/giftedness in preschool

Paula Paulino Braz Rosemeire de Araújo Rangni About the authors


Students with high abilities/giftedness are those who have a high potential in one or more areas of human capacity. They are part of the public served by Special Education and require teacher involvement to meet their needs and explore their talents, based on their interests. The objective of this report is to present an Individualized Enrichment Teaching Plan for a child identified as having high abilities/giftedness in preschool. The specific objective is to verify how the pedagogical actions took place during the intervention, through the planning of teaching situations. The participating child was six years old and enrolled in preschool. The results showed that the enrichment activities contributed to the development of the student's abilities, in addition exposing the challenges for gifted students’ educational service in preschool. It points out the importance of looking at this level of education, still little highlighted in the studies on high abilities/giftedness, but fundamental to the development and success of these children's schooling.

gifted student; individualized educational service; preschool

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