Emotions experienced in the process of digital narrative construction in Scratch

Eliana Alice Brochado Gabriel Gerber Hornink About the authors


The use of educational digital technologies has lately become an object of research, since understanding emotions experienced during the use of such technologies in the school environment needs further detailing. Thus, a research of applied nature was developed, using a mixed approach, and designing an exploratory and descriptive case study in order to understand how students, when constructing digital narratives through playful programming in a software called Scratch, appropriated the genre. To this end, we used the participant observation technique, created a test (Emotional Status Test) and used statistical methods for the gathering and presentation of data produced with students from the 6th and 7th grades in Portuguese language classes. The principles of sociocultural learning and emotions theories underpinned our reflections. The results indicate the predominance of positive emotions during the process and that the presence of such emotions may have favored students’ motivation for the construction of projects.

digital culture; educational technology; emotions; sociocultural studies

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