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Estimates of life expectancy at birth in minor areas of the Pampean region

Nicolas Sacco Iván Williams Bernardo L. Queiroz About the authors


To determine the level and differences in mortality among departments of Argentina between 2009 and 2011, we applied and compared estimates of life expectancy at birth in the Pampean Region. We used three smoothing methods: a Bayesian approach, a relational life table approach, and an indirect approach to mortality levels, in 218 departments of the region. The results allow ordering the departments of the provinces according to life expectancy (with statistical confidence intervals) and calculating indicators of intraprovincial inequality. We found that the province of Buenos Aires was the one with the highest dispersion measured by the range and the coefficient of variation. The article contributes to the discussion and application of alternative models to estimate mortality at the local level and provides the possibility of analyzing spatial patterns essential to understanding the individual demographic outcomes related to associated geographic and socioeconomic characteristics, as well as a tool to guide development plans and allocate resources.

Key words
Mortality; Subnational áreas; Pampean region

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