Size of containers and period of seedlings formation in yellow passion fruit development and production

The size of containers and the period of seedling formation in the nursery are factors directly related with the quality of passion fruits seedlings, but it is important also to check out if the development in the nursery is reflected in the performance of adult plants in the field. . The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the size of containers and the period of seedling formation in yellow passion fruit development and production. The experimental design was a randomized block, arranged in a factorial 3 (sizes of containers) x 3 (periods of seedling formation) with four replications and four plants per plot. The containers evaluated had volume of 400, 800 to 1,200 cm³ and the seeds were sowed in March, April and May. The seedlings were transplanted to the field in September, at the age of 180, 150 and 120 days old. The height of the seedlings in the transplant, total crop production, number of fruits per plant and fruit mass during the first cycle of crop production were evaluated. The vegetative growth of the seedlings is proportional to the size of the container and to the time for formation. Sowing in May in 1,200 cm³ is more appropriate because plants have higher or equal fruit production to the other treatments in a shorter period of formation in the nursery.

Passiflora edulis; propagation; nursery

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