In vitro establishment of Prunus sp. rootstocks

The aim of this work was to establish five Prunus sp. rootstocks on two media cultures. The explants were obtained from mother plants cultivated in greenhouse. Desinfestation was carried out in alcohol and sodium hypochlorid solutions. The experiment was a factorial with five cultivars ('Aldrighi', 'Barrier', 'Capdeboscq', 'Flordaguard' and 'GF677') and two culture media (½MS and QL). The experimental design was of completely randomized blocks, with four replications with five test tubes per plot. A nodal segment was introduced per test tub. The explant culture was maintained at 24 ± 4ºC, 20 µE m-2 s-1 and 16 hours photoperiod for four weeks. Independently of culture medium, the rootstocks 'Barrier', 'Capdeboscq' and 'Flordaguard' showed higher in vitro response rate and higher number of shoots. ½MS medium was indicated to 'GF677' establishment and QL medium to 'Aldrighi'. In vitro abnormal plantlets were not observed, suggesting satisfactory conditions to culture. The higher contamination rate was verified in 'Aldrighi' (72%) and 'Capdeboscq' (41%), that are the rootstocks most used in southern Brazil.

tissue culture; peach; rootstock

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