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Effects of net shield against hailstorm on feature of apples production and fruit quality

A net shield is a good option for protection of apple trees against hailstorm, especially for small orchards. The shading effects caused by net shield on production feature and fruit quality was evaluated for five years. Three types of net shield that caused 12%, 18% and 30% of shading were used on 'Gala' and 'Fuji' apple trees. Reduction of fruit red color was the main negative effect of shading. Fruit red color was reduced up to 14.2 % for 'Gala' and 7.2 % for 'Fuji' when net shield was applied. The shading also reduced incidence of fruit with 'russeting' but increased incidence of 'glomerela' spot. Apple trees covered with the net for five years developed approximately 19% less bud flowers than uncovered trees.

Malus domestica; hail protection; shading

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