Quality of starfruit cv 'Golden Star' treated with CaCl2 and stored under refrigerated conditions

In the present work were evaluated the effects of different CaCl2 concentrations applied after harvest on starfruit cv. Golden Star, during refrigerated storage (RS). The fruits were harvested at physiological maturity stage, selected free of defects and immersed for 20 minutes at room temperature in CaCl2 solutions at different concentrations. After the aplcation of the treatments T1 - 0% CaCl2 (control); T2 - 1% CaCl2; T3 - 2% CaCl2; T4 - 3% CaCl2 and T5 - 4% CaCl2, fruits were stored for 35 days in refrigerated room at 12 ± 0,5ºC and 95 ± 3% relative humidity (RH) and then retrieved to air at 22 ± 3°C and 72 ± 5% RH for 3 days. 24 hs after harvest and every seven days, samples were retrieved from storage, kept for 12 hours in ambient air (22 ± 3°C and 72 ± 5% RH) and analyzed for calcium content, fresh weight loss, epidermal color, flesh firmness (FF), total soluble solids (TS), total titratable acidity (TTA) and physiological disorders. At the end of the experiment a trained taste panel evaluated the fruits. Starfruit treated with 2% CaCl2 showed less dehydration and higher firmness compared to fruit from other treatments. These fruit had no decay incidence and were best accepted by the taste panelist. TS and TA as well as epidermal color did not differ among treatments. With regards to calcium contents, the higher the treatment concentration the higher amounts determined in the starfruit flesh.

Postharvest; storage; Averrhoa carambola L; firmeness

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