Sesquiterpenes and hydrocarbons from Xylopia emarginata (Annonaceae) fruits

The hexane extract from Xylopia emarginata fruits was partitioned between hexane and MeOH/H2O. The hydro-alcoholic phase was submitted to chromatographic separation to afford four sesquiterpenes: caryophyllene oxide, spathulenol, 1beta,6alpha-dihydroxy-4(15)-eudesmene and 4-hydroxy-1,15-peroxy-eudesmane. The hexane phase was fractioned in column chromatography to afford two hydrocarbons (nonadecane and 1-nonadecene) and one aliphatic ketone (hentriacontan-16-one). The structures of the isolated compounds were established by spectral data analysis, mainly NMR and MS.

Xylopia emarginata; sesquiterpenes; hydrocarbons

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