Modest hypolipidemic effect of Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) dry extract in women with dislipidemy, under nutritional control

In this research, it has been investigated the hypolipidemic effect of the dry extract of Solanum melongena L. (Eggplant) fruit in patients with dislipidemy, under nutritional control. It was accomplished at the Lauro Wanderley Academical Hospital/UFPB/PB, composed by 28 voluntary women, dislipidemics, selected for the treatment with eggplant's capsule (n=14) and placebo (n=14), after they have signed the free and clear up consentiment term. Each volunteer has received daily three capsules with 360 mg of Eggplant dry extract or 360 mg of placebo, in each capsule, orally and they were monthly accompanied. After three months treatment, when compared the values of full cholesterol before and after 90 days, it was verified that these values were reduced (p=0,023), fact that did not happened in the control group (p=0,778). There was a significant difference in cholesterol values HDL (p=0,026) among these groups in basal evaluation and after 90 days in the control group (p=0,026). In hepatic and renal parameters, significant differences were not find out, remaining out of the clinical normality level. Concluding that the dry extract of Solanum melongena L. (Eggplant) has a modest effect over the lipidic profile of patients with dislipidemy, not intervening on other renal parameters, neither presenting toxic hepatic effect nor adverse reactions for those who use it, pointing out, however that the clinical answer found in this study it didn't reach the established values for the Third Brazilian Guidelines on Dislipidemies and Atherosclerosis, needing clinical rehearsals more deepened.

Solanum melongena; eggplant; dislipidemy; clinical rehearsal

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