HPLC-MS profiling of the multidrug-resistance modifying resin glycoside content of Ipomoea alba seeds

Jhon Castañeda-Gómez Daniel Rosas-Ramírez Sara Cruz-Morales Mabel Fragoso-Serrano Rogelio Pereda-Miranda About the authors


High performance liquid chromatography profiling with mass spectrometry detection was applicable to identify known and novel multidrug-resistance glycolipid inhibitors from the complex resin glycosides mixture of Ipomoea alba L., Convolvulaceae, seeds. Albinosides X and XI were purified by recycling liquid chromatography and their structural elucidation was accomplished by nuclear magnetic resonance. Albinoside XI exerted a strong potentiation of vinblastine susceptibility in multidrug-resistant human breast carcinoma cells.

HPLC–MS profiling; Glycolipid; Resin glycoside

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