Indole monoterpene alkaloids from Chimarrhis turbinata DC Prodr.: a contribution to the chemotaxonomic studies of the Rubiaceae family

Alcalóides indólicos monoterpênicos de Chimarrhis turbinata DC. Prodr.: uma contribuição para os estudos de quimiotaxonomia da família Rubiaceae

The morphological parameters used to establish close connections among species taxonomically different into the Rubiaceae family is complex, mainly due to the lack of information on habitat and morphoanatomical characters in the lower hierarchic groups, for example, Chimarrhis genus. The micromolecular profile of delimited species into determined taxa can be useful to establish the boundaries among close taxonomic groups, and to indicate evolutionary phylogenetic trends into the taxa. Several indole alkaloids isolated from C. turbinata showed to be a valuable tool to support the taxonomic classification performed by Robbrecht, who established the most recent taxonomy for Rubiaceae, based on morphological characters, and concluded that Chimarrhis belong to Condamineae, and subfamily Cinchonoideae.

Chimarrhis turbinata; Rubiaceae; indole monotepene alkaloids; chemotaxonomy

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