Morphoanatomy, histochemistry and phytochemical screening of Priva lappulacea (L.) Pers. (Verbenaceae)

This study describes the anatomy and analyzes the histochemistry of the vegetative organs of Priva lappulacea (L.) Pers. Freehanded transversal and paradermal sections of fresh and fixed material were used for the anatomical and histochemical analyses, using optical microscopy. The anatomical characters are common to those described for the family, being able to be used to diagnosis in its identification. The leaves are highlighted by the presence of glandular and non-glandular trichomes, anomocytic stomata on both faces of the epidermis and dorsiventral mesophyll. The expansions in the petiole are added to the diagnosis of this species. The phytochemical study carried out with aerial organs showed the presence of triterpene (ursolic acid) and steroid (β-sitosterol), iridoids (ipolamide and catalpol), reducing sugar (glucose), flavonoid (luteolin) and fenilpropanoid (verbascosides). In the roots only glucose was found and two iridoids are present in stem and leaves. Alkaloids, saponins, cumarines, cinamic acid derivates, condensed proantocianidines and leucoantocianidines were not checked in the analyzed parts. The anatomical description and the histochemical tests are unpublished for P. lappulacea.

Priva lappulacea; Verbenaceae; morphoanatomy; phytochemical screening

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