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Plants species indicated in odontology

A bibliographical review on medicinal plants indicated for odontological disease was carried through, including books, articles and scientific and popular sites. The data had been compiled in a Table with information such as plants scientific and popular names, family, used part and pharmaceutical form. A total of 132 species, distributed in 52 Botanical Families useful in the treatment of odontological afeccion had been found. The most cited species in the bibliography consulted were Punica granatum L. (10 citations), Althaea officinalis L.(8), Salvia officinalis L. (8), Calendula officinalis L.(8), Malva sylvestris L (7), Plantago major L. (6). The set of these results must allow a profile of species for use in odontology and contribute for the aiming of research in this area, culminating with the development of herbal medicines of quality and validated for odontological use, as well as allowing to the spreading of these studies for the population and similar professionals.

Medicinal plants; odontological diseases; bibliographical review

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