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Natural products inhibitors of the angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE): a review between 1980 - 2000

Produtos naturais inibidores da enzima conversora de angiotensina (ECA): uma revisão entre 1980 - 2000

Inhibition of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) is a modern therapeutic target in the treatment of hypertension. Within the enzyme cascade of the renin-angiotensin system, ACE removes histidyl-leucine from angiotensin I to form the physiologically active octapeptide angiotensin II, one of the most potent known vasoconstrictors. Therefore, a rationale for treating hypertension would be to administer drugs or natural compounds which selectively inhibit ACE. The present work constitutes a review of the literature of plants and chemically defined molecules from natural sources with in vitro anti-hypertensive potential based on the inhibition of ACE. The review refers to 321 plants, the parts utilized, type of extract and whether they are active or not. It includes also the names of 158 compounds isolated from higher plants, marine sponges and algae, fungi and snake venom. Some aspects of recent research with natural products directed to produce anti-hypertensive drugs are discussed. In this review, 148 references were cited.

Angiotensin converting enzyme; anti-hypertensive effect; hipotensive agents

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