Henna through the centuries: a quick HPTLC analysis proposal to check henna identity

Francesca R. Gallo Giuseppina Multari Giovanna Palazzino Giordana Pagliuca S. Majid Majd Zadeh Prosper Cabral Nya Biapa Marcello Nicoletti About the authors

Henna leaves are the raw material of commercial body and hair dyes. According to historical and ethnobotanical information, henna was one of the first plants used for such purpose. However, differences can be observed between henna products by the origin of the raw material, the presence of other plants, or the addition of various contaminants that may cause allergies and permanent scarring. Nowadays henna is used everywhere but it lacks the necessary controls. We report a pharmacognostic study focused on quality control of henna's raw materials from different countries or based on other plants. The analytic approach based on High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) was proposed as a reliable technique to evaluate natural products complex mixtures, as it is also the case of derived botanical marketed products.

Henna; Lawsonia inermis ; HPTLC Quality control

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